• For oral inhalation only1
  • Acute bronchospasm
    • -
      2 inhalations repeated every 4 to 6 hours1
    • -
      More frequent administration or a larger number of inhalations is not recommended
    • -
      Some patients may need only 1 inhalation every 4 hours
  • Exercise-induced bronchospasm (EIB):
    • -
      2 inhalations 15 to 30 minutes before exercise1

Using and cleaning the ProAir® HFA inhaler

Download and give your patients the ProAir Patient Information Leaflet and Instructions for Use and encourage them to read the Information for the Patient provided in the leaflet dispensed with their inhaler.


Before first use and after more than 14 days of non-use, ProAir HFA must be primed by releasing 3 sprays into the air, shaking well before each spray.1


Be sure to view the video for complete cleaning instructions. The plastic actuator should be cleaned at least once per week in order to maintain proper functioning and prevent medication build-up and blockage. The metal canister, however, should never be cleaned.1

Using and Cleaning Your ProAir® HFA Inhaler

If remembering or adhering to the washing, priming, and shaking of inhalers is difficult for your patients, consider a next-generation device.
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